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Construction industrial production

Views:16     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-07-19      Origin:Site

First, anything constructs the industrial production
The construction industrial production is take designs the standardization, the component production factorization, the construction mechanization, the control informationization as the chief feature, through the conformity design, the production, the construction and so on entire industrial chain, implements the construction product energy conservation, the environmental protection, constructs the entire lifespan value maximization the sustainable development new construction production method. The modern architecture industry is constructs the industrial development a higher phase, is one kind of construction mode transformation, is loudly implements and realizes the party 18 to propose “walks the new industrialization, the informationization, the urbanization, the agriculture modernization path, promotes the informationization and the industrialization depth fusion” specific manifestation.
Construction industrial production, before said that the housing industry modernization, latter has the construction industrialization view, its main implements the mode assembles the type construction. in November, 2013, Political Consultative Conference President Yu Zhengsheng managed holds a national Political Consultative Conference's consultative symposium, at the meeting has determined “the construction industrial production” this view.
Second, what advantage does the promoted construction industrial production have?
According to the reckoning, through uses the industrialization production method, the job location template dosage may reduce above 85%, the scene scaffold dosage reduces above 50%, the plastering resilience saves 50%, saves water above 40%, the electricity saving above 10%, consumes the material to save 40%, the job location garbage reduces 80%, the construction cycle reduces above 50%. The construction industrial production's superiority mainly manifests in six aspects:
First, improves the project quality and the construction efficiency. Through the standardized design, the factorization production, the assembly construction, reduced the manual control and the labor intensity, has guaranteed the component quality and the construction quality, thus improved the project quality and the construction efficiency.
Second, reduces the resource, the energy consumption, reduces the construction garbage, safeguards the conditions. Because has implemented the component production factorization, the material and the energy consumption is at the controllable state; The construction phase consumption building material and the electric power are few, the construction raises the dust and the architecture garbage reduces greatly.
Third, reduces the time limit for a project, enhances the labor productivity. Because the component production and the scene construction carry on in two place synchronizations, the construction, the repair and equipment setup one time to complete, compare the traditional construction mode to reduce the time limit for a project greatly, the adaptation present our country large-scale urbanization process.
Fourth, transformation construction worker status, promotion social stability, harmony. The modern architecture industry reduced the job location temporary worker's employing labor quantity, and causes part of people to enter the factory, becomes the industrial worker, reduced temporary worker's dosage and the flowing, because thus may reduce the payment for labor, the husbands and wives two places validly lives apart the social stabilization which and so on factors cause.
Fifth, reduces the construction accident. Compares with the traditional construction, the industrialization construction cycle short, the working procedure few, the scene worker demand is small, may further reduce has the construction accident's probability.
Sixth, constructs is been small the climatic factor influence. The industrialization construction mode constructs the fitting basically in the plant production, the scene is the assembling work majority, and the construction time limit for a project is short, rains, climatic factor and so on gale, snow and ice influences is small.



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