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Wire Cold Rolling Machine

Product Introduction

Wire Cold Rolling Machine is used to make the hot rolled steel wire into cold rolling smooth round steel wire or cold rolling ribbed bars. Compared with hot rolled steel wire, the cold rolled steel wire and bars have advantages of high tension strength、clean and bright surface etc.
Products Advantages
△ Active cold rolling or passive cold rolling available as option
△ Finished products can be cold rolling bars with 2 ribs, 3 ribs or 4 ribs
△ Finished products can be in coil or cut-to-length wire via equip with online wire straight-cut machine
△ Could equip with finished products tempering heat treatment system, so as to achieve better ductility
△ Max. speed up to 12m/s
Technical Parameter

型号 3D
芯板EPS 材质:阻燃聚苯乙烯泡沫板
插丝结构 单、双面网 疏、密插丝
钢丝直径 1.8-2.8 [mm] 冷拔低碳钢丝
平网规格  52*52 [mm] (A)/50*50 [mm] (B)
3D 标准板:3000x1220 [mm]
非标准板长度:4500 [mm]
生产能力 360/8小时
焊接强度 每点≥330N
额定功率 75KVA
输入电源 380V 50Hz
气源配置 3 m³/min.  0.6MPa



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