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Truss Girder Welding Line

Product Introduction
Truss Girder Welding Line is a full automatic CNC welding line including coil wire de-coiling system, wire straightening, bending, welding, cut-to-length, and finished truss girder stacking and transmission. Widely used in high-speed railway, building construction etc. 
Product Advantage
△ Able to produce different truss girder welding lines and truss girder template welding lines
△ Corrugated steel bar bending system with invention patent and in the world’s advanced level
Technical Parameter


Model HJ-70-300
Welding speed 12-18 [m/min.]
Electrode No. 4[sets] (double lines )
Girder height (H) 70-300 [mm]
Girder width (W) 50-100 [mm]
Longitudinal wire diameter (Upper)  (ΦT) Φ5-Φ12 [mm]
Longitudinal wire diameter (Lower)  (ØB) Φ5-Φ12 [mm]
Diagonal wire diameter (ØD) Φ5-Φ8 [mm]
Diagonal spacing (P) 200 [mm]
Power supply 380V  50Hz  90KVA  
Power consumption 10-60 [KV]
Air supply 0.7MPa   3m3 /min.




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