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Stirrup Bender

Stirrup Bender 
Product Introduction
Stirrup Bender is used to complete steel wires and rebar straightening, length setting, bending and cutting etc. adopting CNC servo control system, and to produce any 2D shapes stirrups continuously.
Products Advantages
△ Full automatic production, only 1 labor needed
△ Double wire feeding system, highly improved the stirrups production efficiency and reduced the labor cost and labor intensity
△ Consist of 2 sets of auto adjustable straightening system in horizontal and vertical direction, combined with four traction wheel, driven by servo motor, to ensure the high precise straightening accuracy.
△ The bending arm can be rotating and extendable & retractable, also high speed cutting system, both ensure the quality bending precision.
△ Double direction bending system to ensure to produce any 2D shapes stirrups continuously, also including a database for storing more than five hundred kinds of graphics, then simplify the labor task for more graphic mass production.
Technical Parameter
Model PTWG-12B PTWG-16B GJWG-22B
Wire diametersingle wire Φ6-Φ13 [mm] Φ6-Φ16 [mm] Φ8-Φ22 [mm]
Wire diameterdouble wire Φ6-Φ10 [mm] Φ6-Φ12 [mm] Φ8-Φ16 [mm]
Material Low carbon steel wire Low carbon steel wire Low carbon steel wire
Steel wire surface Smooth plain wire or ribbed bars Smooth plain wire or ribbed bars Smooth plain wire or ribbed bars
Wire feeding way In coil In coil Pre-cut
Feeding speed 90-110 [m/min.] 90-100  [m/min.] 90-100  [m/min.]
Bending speed 800-1100 [°/s] 800-1100  [°/s] 800-1100  [°/s]
Bending direction Double direction Double direction Double direction
Bending angle ±180° ±180° ±180°
Length of the stirrup side (diagonal) 60-1300 [mm] 60-1300  [mm] 60-1300  [mm]
Single wire production capacity 900 [pcs/h] 900 [pcs/h] 900 [pcs/h]
Double wire production capacity 1800 [pcs/h] 1800 [pcs/h] 1800 [pcs/h]
Length precision ±1 [mm] ±1 [mm] ±1 [mm]
Bending precision ±1° ±1° ±1°
Power supply 380V 50HZ 25KVA 380V 50HZ 50KVA 380V 50HZ 50KVA
Average power consumption 3[KW] 5 [KW] 5 [KW]



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