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Steel Grating Welding Machine

Product Introduction
Steel Grating Welding Machine is used to weld pre-straight-cut bearing steel strips and pre-straight-cut cross twisted bars into steel gratings, which widely used in offshore oil drilling platforms,、factory second floor channel、municipal engineering projects and sewer lids etc.
Product Advantage
This machine can weld steel grating with I shape、zigzag shape、ordinary shape bearing bars
With very short bur of non-bearing cold twisted bars
With ordinary welding system or AC inverter stored energy welding system as option
With different models optional, also can customize the machine upon customer’s special request
Also supply steel grating cutting machine and auto edge banding machine
Technical Parameter

Model GYH1000-1000 GYH1200-1200
Grating width 200-1000 [mm] 200-1200 [mm]
Grating length 1500-6000 [mm] 1500-6000 [mm]
Cross twisted bars diameter Φ4-Φ8 [mm] Φ4-Φ8 [mm]
Cross twisted bars space 50/60/80/100 [mm] 50/60/80/100 [mm] 
Bearing steel strip height 20-100 [mm]  20-100 [mm]
Bearing steel strip thickness 2-8 [mm] 2-8 [mm]
Bearing steel strip space 12.7/30/40/50 [mm] 12.7/30/40/50 [mm]
Total welding capacity 1000 [KVA] 1500 [KVA]
Power supply No power storage 380V  50Hz   800KVA   380V  50Hz   1500KVA  
Power storage 380V  50Hz   63KVA 380V  50Hz   80KVA
Power consumption 20-120 [KVA] 20-120 [KVA]
Air supply 0.8MPa   1m3 /min. 0.8MPa   1m3 /min.
Max. welding capacity Φ8mm twisted bars+33pcs x 5mm thickness steel strips
Production efficiency 20-40 [strokes/min.]
Steel strip Low carbon steel after slitting
Twisted bars Low carbon steel 



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