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Steel Cage Welding Line

Product Introduction
Steel Cage Welding Line can auto weld 12-27m length steel cages, which widely used in bridge construction, high-speed railway construction etc.
Product Advantage
△ We can supply the machine for square shape & round shape steel cages
△ Spiral wound welding or auto bending and positioning welding as option
△ Resistance welding & electric arc welding as option
Technical Parameter

Model GJL1250 GJL1500 GJL2000 GJL2500
Steel cage diamter Φ200-Φ1250 [mm] Φ300-Φ1500 [mm] Φ400-Φ2000 [mm] Φ400-Φ2500 [mm]
Steel cage length 12m14m18m22m27m
Steel cage weight 3000 [kgs] 4500 [kgs] 6000 [kgs] 8000 [kgs]
Longitudinal bars diameter Φ12-Φ40 [mm]
Spiral bras diameter Φ5-Φ16 [mm]
Spiral pitch 10-450 [mm] adjustable



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