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Steel Bar Shearing & Sorting Lines

Product Introduction
Steel Bar Shearing & Sorting Line is used to shear different sizes of bars into needed length, also with auto sorting and collection then auto transmission. Suitable for medium and large-scale rebar processing center and factories.
Product Advantage
λ cut-to-length for different sizes of steel bars with different length 
λ Cutting length adjusted automatically upon the servo control mechanism to ensure the cutting effort less than 5mm
λ Bi-direction discharge frames, including 4 collection frames and 8 collection position; With pneumatic sub-feeder, finished steel bars with different sizes and length can be stored in different collection frame or collection position to easy packing
λ Can be connected with Steel Bar Bending Machine, realize rebar shearing, sorting, bending together to be a complete rebar processing line
Technical Parameter

Rated cutting capacity1,500 [Kn]
Conveying speed90 [m/min]
Cutting speed10 [times/min]
Cutting tolerance± 5 [mm]
Cutting length800 – 12,000 [mm]
Blade availability width600 [mm]
Collecting pocket no°4
Load capacity of ladder feeder2,000 [kg] per level
Conveyor load capacity800 [kg]
Air operational pressure≥ 0.6 [Mpa]
Power supply voltage380 [V] – 50[Hz]
Installed power42[KW]
Bars diameter101216202225283235404550
Cutting bars no° (σb=490Mpa)6050372927232017161073
Cutting bars no° (σb=570Mpa)554534272321181514632
Cutting bars no° (σb=630Mpa)5040302219151054321



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