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Reinforcing cage seam welder

Reinforcing cage seam welder

Product synopsis

The reinforcing cage seam welder may the automated disposable formation length12-27 Rice reinforcing cage. Widely applies in the bridge construction, domains and so on high-speed railroad construction.

Product superiority

May provide the square shape, the circular reinforcing cage
△ may select the screw winding welding or the automated curving automatic positioning welding
May select the resistance welding or the arc welding

Technical parameter

 Model  GJL1250  GJL1500  GJL2000  GJL2500
 Reinforcing cage diameter  φ200-φ1250 [mm]  φ300-φ1500 [mm]  φ400-φ2000 [mm]  φ400-φ2500 [mm]
 Reinforcing cage length  12m14m18m22m27m
 Reinforcing cage maximum weight  3000 [kgs]  4500 [kgs]  6000 [kgs]  8000 [kgs]
 Main reinforcement diameter  φ12-φ40 [mm]
 Disk muscle diameter  φ5-φ16 [mm]
 Circles the muscle spacing scope  10-450 [mm]May adjust willfully

Product picture:

Reinforcing cage welding machine

Reinforcing cage welding machine 2



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