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HLV Series Wire Mesh Welding Line

Product Introduction
HLV Series Wire Mesh Welding Line is specially designed for producing V groove strengthen fence mesh. The line wire and cross wire both in precut wire feeding automatically. Adopting pneumatic welding clamping, with cross wire spacing controlled by CNC, can produce different sizes of mesh with different mesh opening. After welding, auto mesh bending with V groove and stacking & transmission automatically.
Technical Parameter
Model HLV2000 HLV2500 HLV3000
Wire diameter Φ3-Φ6 [mm] Φ3-Φ6 [mm] Φ3-Φ6 [mm]
Max. mesh width 2000 [mm] 2500 [mm] 3000 [mm]
Mesh. Length 50-4000 [mm] 50-4000 [mm] 50-4000 [mm]
Line wire spacing 50-200 [mm] 50-200 [mm] 50-200 [mm]
Cross wire spacing 50-200 [mm] 50-200 [mm] 50-200 [mm]
Welding speed 0-80 [strokes/min.] 0-80 [strokes/min.] 0-80 [strokes/min.]
Power supply 380V 50Hz 1000KVA 380V  50Hz 1300KVA 380V  50Hz 1500KVA
Total power 1000 [KVA] 1300 [KVA] 1500 [KVA]
Power consumption 2-30 [kw/h] 2-35 [kw/h] 2-40 [kw/h]
Air need 0.6MPa  1m3/min. 0.6MPa  3m3/min. 0.6MPa  4m3/min.
Cooling water need 0.3MPa  1m3/min. 0.3MPa  1m3/min. 0.3MPa  1m3/min.
Material Low carbon steel wire
Steel wire tension 350-550 [N/mm⊃2;]
Steel wire surface Smooth plain wire or glvanized wire or steel ribbed bars



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