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Gabion Mesh Machine

Gabion Mesh Machine
Product Introduction

Gabion Mesh Machine is specially used to weave hexagonal mesh with material galvanized steel wire, PVC steel wire, GALFAN wire etc. The Gabion mesh produced by this machine with the most stable and strongest mesh structure, also no damage for the wire surface in the manufacturing process.
Technical Parameter
Model GB4300 GB4000 GB2000
Max. mesh width 4300 [mm] 4000 [mm] 2000 [mm]
Mesh opening 100*120 [mm] or 80*100 [mm]  or customized
Max. wire diameter 3.2 [mm] 3.2 [mm] 3.2 [mm]
Max. PVC wire diameter 4.3 [mm] 4.3 [mm] 4.3 [mm]
Total power 22 [kw] 20 [kw] 18 [kw]
Production efficiency 195-220 [m/h]



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