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EPS Production Line

EPS Production Line
Product Introduction
EPS Production Line includes EPS Pre-expander, EPS Forming Machine and EPS Cutting Machine etc. EPS board as core plate of 3D wall panel, widely used in general industrial buildings, residential buildings and public construction projects etc.
Technical Parameter

Model PS130
Barrel volume Diameter Φ1300 [mm]
Volume 2.4 [m⊃3;]
Effective volume 1.6 [m⊃3;]
Steam Inlet diameter DN65
Consumption 10-12 [kgs/cycle]
Pressure 0.6-0.8 [Mpa]
Compressed air Inlet diameter DN40
Consumption 0.7-0.9 [m⊃3;]
Pressure 0.6-0.8 [Mpa]
Drain contamination Sewage outlet diameter DN100
Condensed water mouth diameter DN100
Production capacity Density12 [kg/m⊃3;] 530  [kg/h]
Density15 [kg/m⊃3;] 670 [kg/h]
Density20 [kg/m⊃3;] 920 [kg/h]
Density30 [kg/m⊃3;] 1220 [kg/h]
Feeding pipe diameter Φ250 [mm]
Total power 22 [kw]
Power supply 380V  50Hz  3+N   22kw
Power consumption 15-20 [kw/h]
Foaming density 12-30  [kg/m⊃3;]




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