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Diamond network computer

  The completely automatic diamond (cancels flower) the network computer
  Product synopsis
 The diamond (cancels flower) the network computer is to the iron wire, the stainless steel wire, the aluminum alloy silk, the PVC silk, spurts models the completely automatic device which the silk hook arranges becomes. The steel wire nose may make a backward somersault, may turn on lathe twists, may also make a backward somersault turns on lathe again twists, after in particular the high strength steel wool nose makes a backward somersault and turns on lathe twists, may use in the mountain massif side slope protection. This device widely applies in projects and so on road, railroad, highway construction.
  Technical parameter
 Model  PS130
 Foaming barrel volume  Diameter  φ1300 [mm]
 Volume  2.4 [m⊃3;]
 Dischargeable capacity  1.6 [m⊃3;]
 Steam demand  Eye diameter  DN65
 Consumption  10-12 [kg/Loop]
 Pressure  0.6-0.8 [Mpa]
 Compressed air demand  Eye diameter  DN40
 Consumption  0.7-0.9 [m⊃3;]
 Pressure  0.6-0.8 [Mpa]
 Pollution discharge  Pollution outlet diameter  DN100
 Condensation drainage opening diameter  DN100
 Output  Density:12 [kg/m⊃3;]  530 [kg/h]
 Density:15 [kg/m⊃3;]  670 [kg/h]
 Density:20 [kg/m⊃3;]  920 [kg/h]
 Density:30 [kg/m⊃3;]  1220 [kg/h]
 Feed tube diameter  φ250 [mm]
 Total output  22 [kw]
 Power source demand  380V  50Hz3+N 22kw
 Power consumption  15-20 [kw/h]
 Foaming density  12-30 [kg/m⊃3;]
 Lozenge network end product
Lozenge network end product

Diamond selvage type

Diamond selvage type
Diamond network use

Diamond network use



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