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Barbed Wire Making Machine

Barbed Wire Making Machine
Product Introduction
Barbed Wire Making Machine is mainly divided into Single Strand Barbed Wire Machine, Double Strands Barbed Wire Machine, Positive Twisted Barbed Wire Machine, Negative Twisted Barbed Wire Machine and Razor Wire Machine
Technical Parameter

Model CS-A GS-B CS-C
Main wire diameter Φ2.2-Φ2.8 [mm] Φ2.2-Φ2.8 [mm] Φ1.6-Φ2.6 [mm]
Barbed wire diameter Φ1.8-Φ2.2 [mm] Φ1.8-Φ2.2 [mm] Φ1.6-Φ2.2 [mm]
Barbed wire spacing 76-102 [mm] 76-102 [mm] Customized
Steel wire surface Galvanized, Plastic coated Galvanized, Plastic coated Galvanized, Plastic coated
Wire rotation way Double strands single direction Single strand no rotation Double strands double direction
Twisted circle No. 4 [circle/time]
4-6 [circle/time]
Total power 3 [kw/h] 2.2 [kw/h] 2.2 [kw/h]
Power supply 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
Production efficiency 70 [kg/h] 40 [kg/h] 50 [kg/h]
Machine weight 1500 [kgs] 1200 [kgs] 1200 [kgs]
Over all size of main machine 1900×1300×980 [mm] 1900×1300×980 [mm] 1900×1300×980 [mm]
Winding part size 1800×750×750 [mm] 1300×800×700 [mm] 1300×800×700 [mm]



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